just me


i am

a friendly introvert

a procrastinating artist

a bleeding heart liberal

a nonjudgmental friend

a lover of alone time, natalie merchant and anais mitchell, stella jean, clint, jared, logan, jake, watercolors, weeds, feral cats, the sky at all times, very long walks, the teachings of Jehoshua.

a believer in love. really.


2 thoughts on “just me

  1. Thanks for the add, I’d love some feedback if you have time. And the child is adorable!

    • August Rain says:

      Thanks—yes, she is totally adorable–totally unique and wonderful! Basically, thinking without protection–without disguise–without pretension–without restrictions—I see that. The comment that stuck out as profound for me (from your blog) was the one about the fact that our bodies are the one thing we truly possess. No one else can possess our bodies–even though they may try–it is, in the end, futile. We may even feel as though someone else has control over our bodies….but that is basically an untruth. Ownership. Own yourself–and don’t be ashamed. And do not do anything you do not truly want to do.

      May peace and the realization of goodness be yours today! Continue to create!

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