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November 7, 2012 by August Rain

he’ll remember election day
try to get the vote
surprised by.

and one last thought
I’m going to be watching tonight on this stage divided and conquered. And I won’t forget sitting down with the governor. Some question about Anne going to the wailing wall he lit up we put our blessings together.

he really broke through
the depth of the relationship between Mitt and Anne Romney. It was Anne Romney who started to become a little emotional.

In these final days.
He was bounding.
Did he really know what was happening?

The right way for him to go out.

He sensed momentum.

That video tape.
Taking the temperature of the room. Shortly thereafter to take a question about the 47%
There was a lot of criticism

Many of these battleground states. Flag football on the beach. Governor came out and flipped the coin.

Real momentum in these final days. Go to New Jersey. A lot of talk about that up and down roller-coaster ride.

Thought they had momentum.


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