Diane Sawyer Re-election Night

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November 7, 2012 by August Rain

Ask me something.

Ask me a question.

Anything. Anything. Come on. Ask me.

<waiting, waiting….for Diane to speak>

Did he secure some kind of cultural change?

Did he secure for all time?

<waiting, waiting>

polls have closed in all 50 states

two states not projected

Florida and Alaska

Oh, Diane, we love you and your free-spirited ways–your heavy tongue–your hunched, skinny shoulders and the way you lean in over your elbows on the table. They say you are drunk but I don’t care.

We’re all thinking….<gibberish, gibberish…haha, heh, hohoahoa.>

And it will be fascinating to hear the president’s speech after this long wait…

the once and future president getting ready for his next four years.

Here he is.

Oh, I just love him…look at him and his beautiful family walking out onto that stage at McCormick Place in Chicago.ImageImage

And we love you, Diane Sawyer.


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