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October 31, 2012 by August Rain

A very good story about a very inspiring woman.


I look for heroes amongst celebrity or spiritual teachers – but the inspiration I need comes from the most unlikely places sometimes. Here’s one of them. And here’s why:

After a decade of being too afraid to step out of the house, my 71-year-old mother spontaneously decided last month she wanted to travel alone to an ashram in Rishikesh – a six-hour flight away. We were initially hesitant: she had barely ever travelled to her sister’s house an hour away alone and she was sometimes seized by panic in crowded places. But her energy was so clear and undivided about it, we booked her tickets and stay. On the day of her flight, I wrote a ‘Boarding A Flight in 3 Easy Steps’ note for her (she had never traveled alone in an airplane before).

During her time at the ashram, she sounded happier than she has ever been. She…

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