Son of the people

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October 20, 2012 by August Rain

The sabbath does not possess him.

He possesses the sabbath.

When you possess something you do what you please with that something.

Been thinking about the question asked of me one day this past week. Are you religious? no…spiritual. What do you think of Jesus?

How to answer that in the midst of this culture. This culture of the american jesus. How to answer that. I have been thinking about it ever since that afternoon.

Because I don’t subscribe to the american jesus–some would assume that I don’t believe in the Christ. There are those who would find that refreshing and there are those who probably find that heretical.

I believe his name was Jehoshua—translated “Joshua.” Extremely common name. I believe he was rather ugly in appearance. My culture would not have been impressed.

These things are important to me because if Jehoshua was the Divine One in the flesh…well, his name and his appearance tell me a lot about “theos.” His name and his appearance tell me a lot about what matters to YHWH/LOVE/GOD/CREATOR/SUPREME DIETY/LOVE…love…love.

Love is for humankind. Common people. Love has no regard for outward appearance.

jesus (Jehoshua) — the Spirit of Christ making a home in me is a beautiful, priceless, humbling, precious state of being.

I really believe. I know.

Rise up

Stand there

In the midst.


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