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February 9, 2011 by August Rain

Followed Brad to the mechanic in Spencerville so that he could drop off his truck and then came back to the house and he took my car to work. He broke the brake line two nights ago while driving around the pond or by the pond…something like that. He was beating his truck—having fun. He was a little drunk. Had been at the O for some drinks after work. The next morning…” I was having fun too….why is it that when I’m having fun something always breaks…” Poor guy.

Next morning: “I will start the taxes tonight..since there is all this intense pressure to get the taxes done so Jared can have his money!” <<seriously, what is wrong with this man???>> There was no pressure–not even intense pressure. Jared is a recent college grad looking for a job and is just about out of money. He asked me when we would be doing our taxes since he will probably be claimed on our return and we will give him the money from his portion. I sent Brad a text asking him this very thing. He views this as “intense pressure”—-?

Last night after I got home from class–I was in the kitchen and Brad said something in the other room–I couldn’t hear him because my ear drum burst in my left ear a few days ago–so I said “What did you say?” He didn’t answer so I asked again. He comes storming in and says “I’m not going to yell at you!” <<like, quit asking what, I guess>> So, he is standing there yelling at me for asking “what” and telling me that he doesn’t want to yell at me—but he is yelling at me!–and I said, “well, you’re yelling at me now.”—and he says, “I can’t do anything right with you—you think I’m yelling at you now.”   ???? What the hell??? He says,”I’m just very frustrated with our communication. It seems like all I do is annoy you.”  :O  I said, “right back at ya—you were the one annoyed with me for just asking what you had said!!!” Oh. my. gosh. 


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